Monday, July 5, 2010

semua orang nak rasa dirinya femes

Zakiah Thompson: ''saya sedang makan..oh enaknya..!''

Enon Lazer: ''owh..just got back from his tired.''

Siti Syakilala: ''bye korang, nak pegi shopping dekat mydin ni''

Andrew Jidin: ''argghh..geram! fuck you man.''

Ahmad Que Haiderrr: ''studying hard for final exam. calculus i hate you.''

Wak Din Comel: ''busy! i need more time. god please make it 25 hours a day.''

Lionel Messi: ''i've got a very big dark dirty secret''

ahaha.. ape sume tu?
ala, macam la korang x biasa bace sume ni.. ni kan ala2 status kat facebook yang korang suka update. ok. bukan korang la. kawan2 korang.aha.( x nak mengaku pulak).

theres nothing wrong with. its just, don't u realised that those status sound so VAIN?
haha. yah vain. because i just read something bout facebook and its written there..~~

''The driving force behind the success of facebook is.. vanity''

so, i keep thinking. wut does it means? hmm.. i get it. people love the idea that others are watching what they're doing.!

yes. u love it when people know u're eating.
u feel good when people know u're stressing out.
u like it when people know that u're hardworking.
u happy when people know u're out for date with ur damn hot girlfriend!.. (ok, lame..)
and at the same time u don't realised that people know that u don't have enough time for work, but u have a LOT of time for facebook. haha

oh please don't feel offended with wut i'm saying. i also do that SOMETIMES. i swear! sometimes only. only when i get bored.haha. i repeat, there nothing wrong for u to update such statuses. u hurt no one right? haha.its just i'm trying to express my feelings and thoughts about facebook users. which is you, and me. haha. (again)

you can continue with ur vanity. because there is nothing wrong with it! haha ( sounds so sarcastic)
and please don't stop updating ur statuses, ok? haha.

after realising about the fact that we people are sooo vain, i just can't stop smiling.ha.
eh, but still, i like those who posted words of wisdom, articles, videos...which are

you know what?
i'm sleeping rite now!

nota halus: ok..rase sgt pelik post dlm bahasa omputeh, fake giler rasenye.

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