Saturday, July 10, 2010


welcome my dearest sisters to A0705 Casa Subang.
should i call them juniors?
so i'll be the senior?
actually, i don't really care about that.
its just, i want to tell u guys how lovely they are.
again. welcome sis.

Junior 1:
the very first thing she asked me is: ''how many indians, chinese and malays in this house??'
and i told her : ''4 malays, 2 indians and one chinese.''
then she spoke with her parents using her mothertounge with frowning face. well thanks, such a ''very good'' impression u gave me.

Junior 2:
instead of asking '' what is ur name?'',
the junior asked, ''what is the password for the wifi??''

yeah, nice beginning for youuu and all of us

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