Sunday, November 13, 2011

Define Yourself

Last night I went out with my friends.
On our way, one of my friend played a song using her phone. I just sat in the car, and listen.

Suddenly something came into my mind. "I don't have this type of song that she's playing in her playlist. Not even one". I wonder why. Maybe we have very different interest on music. Well, that's fine.

But this one idea just struck my brain. If we were asked to define ourself, how should we do it? Is it enough to describe your very own self using your own words? Describing yourself based on your interpretation may sometimes be misleading. That's what i think.

So, i thought in order to find about what type of person we are, we should do some investigations on ourself. Now we get back to the music thing. Maybe what we listen will reflect in some way, of who we are as a person.

So, I just do some random search in my head.
What songs do I have in my playlist?
When I'm on Youtube, what kind of channel do I subscribe to?
Movies. What genre of movie mostly I've downloaded?
What type of article, or blog, or webpage do I like to read on the internet?
And what kind of books do I choose to buy?(and hardly read them)

So, I can create a 'profile' of myself.

My not so brilliant head tells me that, all those fact could be some sort of indicator for me, to show what type of person I am. Yes, all of them are kinda intra-personal. Because those things, are things that I chose to do without the presence of others. It is between me, and myself. The place where I can be my true self.
I don't include my social life in my consideration. Also, facebook and twitter is out of the list. This is because, I realised that on presence of others, i may portray myself according to people's expectation. Not of who I really am.

So, when I start comparing 'my profile' and one of my ' friend profile', I think I'm able to tell what type of SOUL do I own.


p/s: too lazy to conclude

He's dumb.

To that one person.
Who is always called dumb by his friends...

If I have the opportunity to meet you,
I would love to tell you something.

No, you are not stupid.
You just don't know.
For example, i don't know how to play guitar.
People cannot say i'm stupid right?
I just don't know how to.
So are you.

You keep spilling things.
It's not because you're stupid.
You are just careless and clumsy.

You keep forgetting and losing things.
Not because you are stupid.
You are just being forgetful.

You do weird things.
Not because you are stupid.
You are just trying to be funny. and cute.

Or maybe you have some sort of undiagnosed disorder.

But i know you know that you got talent, DJ :)

#never meant to be understood

Monday, November 7, 2011

self diagnosed

something is bothering me lately. actually, this thing has been bothering me for years. it's just i never talk about it with anybody. never.

not an emotional problem though. <---i'm not really sure why i put the word 'though' here.

every night, when i'm about to fall asleep, i can feel that i've stop breathing.
usually i'll woke up in shock, and my lungs automatically take a very deep breath. a really deep one. after that i go back straight to sleep. like nothing has happened.
no, it's not a nightmare or else. i just knew it.
it sometimes happen even when i have fallen asleep for a few hours. hmm. it's scary because it gives me the feeling that i'm about to die.

there is one time, i was in the light sleep phase. ( not in the deep sleep nor awake). at that time, i knew i've stopped breathing. i don't know how to say it but unconsciously, my mind is waiting for that one moment to come. which is the moment that i will usually wake up and gasping for air. i wait..and wait...and wait.. and then, ''aaaaahh~~!'' yes! i'm breathing again!
it feel soo long waiting for that moment. uurgghh. scary.

i wonder what is this. so, as most of us do, i go and GooOOogle it.
i found out that it is a symptom of sleep apnoea. i remember studying about this sleep disorder in my psychology class lass year. it is a disorder which the breathing pauses while you sleep, and when the breathing is about to start again, a choking sound is produced. i don't do that.. i think so .0.o . i remember waking up in the middle of the night(or day), taking a very deep yet silent breath. and that's it.

after reading a few web pages, i realised it usually happen to overweight person. just like me. haha.
and that situation can cause me to snore. but, so far not so much report i get from my roommate for snoring. i snore occasionally, maybe when i am too tired or something like that. ;p

SO, i should write a conclusion here, right?

As a conclusion,

1) i am allowed to sleep whenever i want, wherever i want. (lecture theatre etc) because my sleep is always disrupted, night and day.

2) i need to lose weight.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I assume this is a song

Berry lost his leg to diabetes
His dog Pucci go for holiday
Shaking his hand i'm sure a sin
But Phil insists, what should we say?

I am 'me' my friend is 'she'
We go for a jog everyday

Are you sure? From what I see
You just walk and smile all the way..

la la la la la la la

We smile
We laugh
We walk away
The dog always angry
But we don't really care.

la la la la

That one neighbour in Felixstow...
That one neighbour in Felixstow...
That one neighbour in Felixstow...

We smile
We laugh
We walk away
The dog always angry
But we don't really care.
bCause we try to live Australian wayy
bCause we try to live Australian wayy

la la la