Monday, November 7, 2011

self diagnosed

something is bothering me lately. actually, this thing has been bothering me for years. it's just i never talk about it with anybody. never.

not an emotional problem though. <---i'm not really sure why i put the word 'though' here.

every night, when i'm about to fall asleep, i can feel that i've stop breathing.
usually i'll woke up in shock, and my lungs automatically take a very deep breath. a really deep one. after that i go back straight to sleep. like nothing has happened.
no, it's not a nightmare or else. i just knew it.
it sometimes happen even when i have fallen asleep for a few hours. hmm. it's scary because it gives me the feeling that i'm about to die.

there is one time, i was in the light sleep phase. ( not in the deep sleep nor awake). at that time, i knew i've stopped breathing. i don't know how to say it but unconsciously, my mind is waiting for that one moment to come. which is the moment that i will usually wake up and gasping for air. i wait..and wait...and wait.. and then, ''aaaaahh~~!'' yes! i'm breathing again!
it feel soo long waiting for that moment. uurgghh. scary.

i wonder what is this. so, as most of us do, i go and GooOOogle it.
i found out that it is a symptom of sleep apnoea. i remember studying about this sleep disorder in my psychology class lass year. it is a disorder which the breathing pauses while you sleep, and when the breathing is about to start again, a choking sound is produced. i don't do that.. i think so .0.o . i remember waking up in the middle of the night(or day), taking a very deep yet silent breath. and that's it.

after reading a few web pages, i realised it usually happen to overweight person. just like me. haha.
and that situation can cause me to snore. but, so far not so much report i get from my roommate for snoring. i snore occasionally, maybe when i am too tired or something like that. ;p

SO, i should write a conclusion here, right?

As a conclusion,

1) i am allowed to sleep whenever i want, wherever i want. (lecture theatre etc) because my sleep is always disrupted, night and day.

2) i need to lose weight.


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Anonymous said...

rasanya xpernah dgr mai berdengkur.rasanya laa.and i need to lose weight too! :D