Thursday, June 17, 2010

still me

i remember this one game that we played during psychology class last year. our classmates will write about their first impression towards us anonymously. and i've got a lot of 'wordsszz' that show who i am in their eyes.
1) scary
3)beautiful (so not me)
4)fashionable (not me too! i just wear shirt n jeans everyday)

and a lot more..i can't recall the rest. frankly speaking, i'm shocked with those words given to me. and i actually don't want to agree with what they wrote.
but fine. they just know me for only a few day. so i think they need more time to know me better..fine! hahahah...

also..someone came to me while i was sitiing at the cafe today.
that person just approach me and say....
A: '' u know what? the first time i saw you, u look like an elit person to me''
me: ''what do you mean by elit??!''
A: '' seems like u r elit.. i thought u r just going to be friend only to certain group of elit people...maybe the beautiful oness''
me: ''owh.. do you mean arrogant? many people told me that i looked arrogant''
A: ''no..its just u look like,, you're untouchable. but now after i know u a little bit, u're so different.''

haha...okay..another additional words to my ''First Impression Dictionary''..
elit and untouchable.

i like the word untouchable..but not the other one.huh. but i'm glad to hear when the person say that i'm totally a different from what i look like.

that is a positive result after almost one year at taylors college.

Then, early this year, we play again the anonymous game. Again, my friends wrote a few words about me. and this is it.

3)helpfull (again..haha)
5)tight face but soft hearted
7)like volcano
9)not much of emotion
12)nice but unpredictable(again)

and bla..bla..bla..
can you see the different? ha. i like some of them but
Actually i feel a bit disappointed of myself when one of my friends told me that i'm too mysterious. is it that so hard to know me.? i think i've open myself enough to them..huh...
sometimes i feel like i'm a weirdo in the class.

But, its okay. Even i have a very few friends, they're enough for me. i think they know me well ( i hope so). i love them very much. its not about the quantity, but the quality. and for me, they are A++ friends to

announcement: everybody are allowed and invited to enter my life any time..anywhere...wuahahaha

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