Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kangaroo , koala n gold coast

kangaroo, koala n Gold Coast...
yess, those are the things that came into my mind when i received the offer letter from JPA to pursue my studies in Australia. (that was about 9 months b4..)
Yaa~~ of course i feel grateful bcos i've given this opprtunity.
so happy!

its not that easy.Ive to do the South Australian Matriculation(SAM). program first.At Taylors College, for 1 and a half year.If i'm not able to full-fill da requirements, say bye-bye to Australia....~~~~
the program is quite tough. i've to be very hardworking and consistent.

Most of my fren here r very stressed out doin' this prog. And honestly, i don't. But why? Am i too relax? out!don't take it easy Mai, or u'll loose the opprtunity of spending and enjoying Australia for 4 years! yes, 4 years,,
Insyaallah..I"ll do my Best!

wait for me...!!!

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