Saturday, October 15, 2011


A trilogy of : Modest, by Julia Ahmad.

: Why do muslim women have to cover everything except the face and the palm.? Why can't they just wear what they want, but still modest?

Wak Joko
: How do you define modest? (waduh,nervous wak nak kene cakap orang putih ni)

: Look at me, I am wearing my saari. (Abishek bought it for me,btw). i don't expose my chest, or my leg or my back. it's modest and elegant.

Wak Joko
: Yes. i agree. it is modest. for your culture.
ooowwh... malay's baju kurung is also modest. they are not revealing at all..hmm..

: See.. ? you have no option but to agree with me. :p

Wak Joko
: Hmmmm... ..... .... Oh, and for the European, a dress is modest. ...
Haa.. and for the English, a short skirt is modest and sweet.
Wait. the people in United states may consider a spaghetti straps is modest enough for them to go out to the mall. (wak tak paham kenapa makanan boleh dibuatnye pakaian pulak. waduh)
Hmm.. Have you heard of Papua New Guinea.? For some of the indigenous group, their women can just walk around wearing NOTHING but a piece of cloth covering their genital, revealing the breasts. modesty! for them. fuhhh (boleh tergugat iman wak kalu dibawa bercuti ke sana. astaghfirullah..!)

: O.0
It seems that we have different definition for different culture......

Wak Joko
: Yeah. that's why muslim women follow only one guideline, in which the level of modesty is undebatable.

p/s : every character is fictional. ;p

face and mean like this?
(sekadar gambar hiasan)

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