Friday, August 5, 2011

Kekasih Sedih

My strings are broken and my heart is out of tune

I wanted quiet but all I see is you
I don’t know anything

I stumbled forward and you let me walk away

We both know I’ll be running back to you someday

I don’t know anything

The earth is spinning but my feet are standing still

And the wind is biting but I’m fighting off the chill
I don’t know anything

So let’s pretend for just one minute
The world, the world, the world, the world
The world is mine

but you’re not there

They say time’s a healer but my watch can’t tell the time

The left hand’s stuck six months ago and I can’t find the right

I don’t know anything

The pen is stronger than any sharpened sword
But everything I write to you makes me feel like a fool

I don’t know anything

I feel like I can do anything
Why don’t you understand

Why don’t you see what I could be

Why can’t you see
I’d trade in the world for you

Thanks to....
* GOOGLE power ! * for the pictures


Anonymous said...

hahaha.. aat da jiwang da.. uenye citer sal google.. :) haha

bukanputeriraja said... memang kisah cinta la. ;p