Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm a big fan.

hah. sudah lama. malas la nak cerita2.
nak cakap sikit je.
i've been listening to Linkin Park since their first album, Hybrid Theory. At that time i was in primary school. i remember playing the pirated CD of Hybrid Theory over and over again with my younger brother. it's pirated because we can't afford the original of and our favourite song back then was One Step Closer. awesome.

it's been more than 10 years now. i still listen to them. they've evolved very well in these past 10 years. their latest album, A Thousand Suns is indescribable. fresh, energetic, beautiful, different, brilliant and carries heavy message about the catastrophe that most of us are not aware of. ok, maybe i exaggerate a little bit with the word catastrophe. but, one thing for sure, it's no longer about frustration and adolescent rebellious feeling or what. it is just awesome. hm.

despite the fact that i've been plugging my ears with their music before going to bed, i also do some background check on them. hehe. no.not really.
just normal stuff a fan usually do. and i found out that they are actually a bunch of funny guys. they do funny stuff. and watch funny videos. on youtube. like this one:

i really LOL to this. yes i did.
i found this on one of the band member's blog.

no. i've no intention on posting any of Linkin Park video here.tata

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mai nk ajak join.. :)