Thursday, October 7, 2010

mouth, heart and brain.

i have mouth, teeth and touge. so i can talk very well. but not much.
its not that i hate to talk, but sometimes i may appear stupid and get overly exited when i talk more than the quota provided by the mind.
so don't get offended when i remain silent after you told me so many things. silence does not reflect ''i don't care'' or i don't understand wut u r saying, its just i my conscientiousness shut everything up.

that is why i prefer to speak. and you ask me what is the difference between talking and speaking? i don't know. its just when i use the word 'speak', i feel like my level of wiseness is slight better than other. okay don't kill me for saying that. sometimes i also need to be quite perasan. just like you.

most of the time, i hate myself when i speak. the words that came out usually hurt. not me, but you people. later when i see your super kecik ati face, i make a promise to myself '' i will never say something like that again''. and that is where the cycle of silentness begin.(silentness?). until it reaches a point where i have to speak up again.

hypocrisy is my biggest talent. oh, not just me? u also own it?great.
let not be ourselves. what's the point of being you when at the end of the day people will be disgusted by just looking at your face. at my face. and everybody is disgusted with everybody.
thanks to our superego for not letting the id out from us. that is how we human able to appear as an acceptable figure, the ego.

i don't ask you to like me for who i am. because my true self is not likable at all.
just accept me for who am i able to be. ok la. it is ok if you don't want to because actually i hate you too. i told you rite? hypocrisy made you think that i love being around you but deep inside i wish i could @#@%#^#*#^#&^@^ (oh, that was just a typographical error, i don't curse, you know. it will make me look silly and dirty)

after writing for a while, i realised that i don't deliver anything beneficial to the community, religion either the country.(what the...)
and after reading for a while, you maybe start to feel sakit hati.

so mari kita sakit hati sama-sama

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